Our marketplace is available only for logged users and only for users who bought the project.


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Our marketplace works with an modular system and it is easy to install plugins and other functionalities. Modules bought are automatically installed on your system trough our Update Service.

The marketplace has over 1000 Modules. You can pick modules based on the type of project you want that suits your needs when you order the project.

Any module installed on your system will have an documentation how it works and how you can use it troughout your project.

There are two different types of modules.

  1. Generated Module
  2. Custom Module

Each module has some functionalities that are explained inside the module of your panel.

Your project will be protected by an anti-fraud system that doesn't allow you or other users to modify the core structure of the project or to copy the project. Any file modification without our consent is forbidden and is considered an fraud. Such actions will face legal actions.

Why we use a marketplace system ?

  1. Comunication issues;
  2. Trust and reputation;
  3. Easy install and updates;
  4. Security issues;
  5. Easy project management;
  6. Errors reporting and maintenance;

NativityWeb created an Application Programming Interface for our clients or other users to use our unique services that are in our third party program.

Our API is available only for registered users.

What can you do with our API in your project ?

  1. Retrieve information of companies based on CIF.
  2. Retrieve crucial informations for HR companies about users based on full name and birth date.
  3. Email marketing.
  4. Retrieve all countries, states, cities based on name of country.
  5. Retrieve statistics of your website.
  6. Sync data troughout our clients with an Request/Confirm System.
  7. Retrieve location of an request based on IP.